C*Fit Ambassadors

Introducing your Official C*Fit Ambassadors!

Welcome Jenn Robinson and Lauren Quann to the C*Fit Team! These two ladies will be your Official C*Fit Ambassadors. They will be featured on the blog often, sharing their journey as they continue to find their healthy lifestyle. You can also find them posting their journeys on the C*Fit Club Facebook Page. These two were picked because they truly represent what is means to be C*Fit; Having the COURAGE to begin and continue a healthy lifestyle. Building CONFIDENCE within yourself. Having CONSISTENCY in your workouts and how you eat. AND being apart of a supportive and positive fitness COMMUNITY.

Meet Jenn Robinson

Hey C-Fitters My name is Jennifer Edwards Robinson (I just got married and never know which name to use). My username is Jenn770 on the C-Fit Club Website and my Twitter name is @jenngetscfit ! I am a coordinator for Social Action at Manhattan College in the bronx.basically I run the service trip program there..which means I get to travel to amazing places and meet wonderful people. I currently live in Yonkers, NY right on the Bronx border (I pretend I live in the Bronx sometimes).

My weight loss/healthy living story is a looong one. But I will give you the cliffs notes.

Basically growing up I was thin until age 7. (I blame it on getting my tonsils and adenoids out). I started gaining weight and was always the “chunky” kid from then on out. When I turned 16 I started losing weight rapidly (so much so I look back on pictures and barely believe its me in them). At that point I found out I had Leukemia…which explained the rapid weight loss. While I was going through treatments I then rapidly gained 40 lbs from the steroids I was made to take. I seemed to start using food as a way to deal with everything. Not to mention everyone that came to visit would bring me FOOD! Bagels, pizza, desserts, everything. I think also too my parents didn’t want to deny me anything I wanted..and unhealthy options were always my first choice. Anyways…heading to college I actually lost weight my first year (no freshman 15 for me!). Sophomore year I started to get crazy about what I ate..I would allow myself to eat only dry tuna, veggies, one piece of cheese and maybe granola as a treat. I was also working out everyday. But I felt like up until just recently I always had to do all or nothing. I couldn’t incorporate healthy eating and exercising into my everyday life. So it was all or nothing always. After college I was working with friends hanging out having fun and drinking a lot and eating bacon egg and cheeses every day. 20 more lbs came on me so quickly. Shoot to 4 years later I meet my NOW husband. :O)  Of course we do the “lets go out to dinner every night” thing. We ate out a lot..lots of pizzas, lots of snacks, ice cream etc. 20 more lbs came on. THEN there was light at the end of the tunnel. I met Caitlin!!!!! She has shown me basically it doesnn’t have to be ALL OR NOTHING. I can start making little changes in my eating habits and incorporating more exercise so that eventually it all becomes second nature and not such a big deal! Don’t get me wrong it’s still a struggle in my life daily….but overall since October I think I have managed to make better choices, wake my butt up at 6am A LOT…and just overall feel so much better about myself!

After I met Caitlin she told me about C-Fit Club and I figured why not sign up! I’ve got nothing to lose and might as well try something different! I love the C*Fit Club because it helps me stay engaged with fellow people that are going through the same struggles as I am. It also helps me stay accountable…by checking in and letting the C*Fitters know what I am having for lunch/dinner or times that I may have been struggling. Knowing there are people out there that care about my struggles and triumphs in weight loss journey make it so much easier! Also sometimes when I am about to eat that second slice of pizza or an extra scoop of ice cream I tell myself (WWCFD?) What would C-Fitters do??

Getting the opportunity to be a C*Fit Ambassador first of all is such a wonderful honor! I am so happy that Caitlin chose Lauren and I to have a special place on the C-Fit Team. I hope to inspire others to stop using the word DIET and start using the term healthy lifestyle. I feel that Diets are just a quick fix. I also feel like being an Ambassador will keep me on this healthy lifestyle journey so that when I have my own children “being healthy” is just normal life..and not something knew I am trying out or a fad. I want to be the house that kids say “your mom doesn’t have any good snacks!” No twinkies at this house kids!!! 🙂

My 2 words that I use to keep me going are STRENGTH and FAITH. I have the strength to push threw a tough workout and to overcome my food issues and the Faith helps me to believe!!! (in myself, others, God, whomever is on the journey with me!)

And a quote I found a while ago that inspired me to start making changes is “Its never to late to become what you might have been” Its never to late ya’ll!!!!!!!

-Jenn Robinson

**Jenn is an amazing person with a huge heart. Jenn has such a positive attitude despite all of the adversities she has dealt with in her life. I have personally had the opportunity to work with her and watch her change her lifestyle over the past 6 months. Since February 2012, Jenn has lost close to 20 lbs. NOT being on a diet or a strict exercise program (nope, she doesn’t spend 2 hours in the gym everyday). Jenn is training for her first 5K which she will complete in September! GO JENN! You can find Jenn posting some great things to the C*Fit Club Facebook Page (recipes, quotes, thoughts, books to read, and questions) almost every day. She tells us what she does for workouts, what’s she’s eating, and how she is feeling. She’s truly an inspiration.**

Meet Lauren Quann

Hello my name is Lauren Quann and I am originally from Manchester, NH but now live in lovely Alton, NH in the amazing Lakes Region! My username in the online C*Fit Community is lquann21 and my twitter name is @livingfate. I currently work as a youth and families outreach therapist. Which means I do therapy both in an office and in the homes if that fits the family better!

My healthy lifestyle has been an extremely hilly, rocky, winding road. In my youth I grew up in a household where sports were the way, but I never liked sports, and to be honest was terrified of balls! I started cheer leading, which felt superficial. Then I got into Irish Step Dancing and did that for years. I adored it, I made it to championships and I trained hard. But in the end it royally screwed up my body, which is something I deal with every day in my training. Through out college I worked out solely to look good, not to better myself. Once out of college I joined a boot camp style gym in which the trainers pushed me way too hard, never listened to my goals, and caused me to hate working out, so I stopped.

But all along there was this voice in my head that said, you want to be a triathlete! I kept saying back, “Yeah right, that will never happen!”. One night, my husband listened to my millionth rant about this secret goal and he finally said, “Just do it, you will rock, you are built to be a triathlete, and I will believe in you every day and be there to support you every step of the way”. Then, 5 minutes later, I saw Caitlin via a friend on Facebook and I took a chance emailed her and told her I want to be a triathlete (negative voice in my head was laughing hysterically at this). She answered back with encouragement and ways for me to do this and for once I felt listened to! So that rockin’ voice in my head that was saying “I can do this”, is now doing it.It’s hard every day, some days I want to quit, but it truly is the greatest challenge I have ever faced. I also enjoy hiking and am working on completing all the 4000 footers in NH!

I joined C*Fit Club because I feel that for once a trainer cares about my goals and does not have expectations for me that are beyond what I can reach with working and living my life. I enjoy being part of C*Fit because of all the positivity that goes around the community. We truly are all there to help each other, no matter what fitness level or healthy eating level we are at. We are all real people just trying to be healthy together!

What I hope to get out of being a C*Fit Ambassador is finding continued strength from all the members to keep pushing forward and making my goals! I also hope to help all of you figure out your goals, small and big, short term and long term, and help you achieve those! I hope to motivate, support, answer any questions anyone has, and even maybe get some hikes and training times together with those around me! Being an ambassador will just continue to make me a better, stronger, healthier, and more passionate person!

I don’t really live by one quote in my life, but I do have a set of mantra’s that I chant in my head when things get tough. I always say, “You can do anything for a minute, giving up is not an option, you can do this, trust your body, it will not let you down!” So trust all your bodies, it can do things that will amaze you every day! Rock it out!

-Lauren Quann

**Lauren is a C*Fit Rock Star! She won the Bikini Badass Series this year! She completed 11-week program (modifying it to meet her needs and life, of course) and saw some amazing results that I will share with you below. In all honesty, Lauren inspires me everyday with her motivational posts. She inspires me to eat more fruits and veggies and to continue to push past my limits. I can only imagine how she can motivate you! Long story short, Lauren is one tough cookie and is a great role model. Lauren is training for her first Iron Girl competition which she will complete next summer! **

Lauren BEFORE Bikini Badass

Lauren AFTER Bikini Badass (2 months time lapse)

Welcome the Official C*Fit Ambassadors to the C*Fit Team!



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