Write the Book You Want to Read

Write the Book You Want to Read

I wish when I was in my teens/young twenties/right now that I had a book that would have helped me to be confident in myself, to make me realize my true beauty, and to help me understand that I can live a self-defined healthy happy life…all I had to do was believe that I could create it.

Since I have yet to read that book or find that book, I have decided I’m going to write it. I am going to create the book I wish I read before my eating disorder developed back in high school, or before I moved to NYC and didn’t know how to just be myself while the entire world around me sent me different messages (“Who are you without a Coach purse anyways? Where did you buy that? What kind of car do you drive? Make more money. Have a better body. You are not enough. Keep going.That kind of thing), and before I moved out on my own and went through some pretty challenging life transitions. I wish I had this message and this book.

I am half-way through the first run of the book’s in-person pilot workshop series. I am taking 15 woman through the workings of the 8-week guidebook that I am creating. So far, I am blown away with the responses and subtle changes people have made not only in their behaviors, but more importantly, in their minds…the way they perceive a healthy lifestyle. Which brings me to an announcement…


After the workshop series comes to an end, I will be working on turning it into a SELF-HELP GUIDEBOOK so that YOU can learn the material and start to live your self-defined healthy happy life.

The book will be set up much like my in-person workshop series…it’s a workbook. There will also be online videos that correspond with each section.

I will be using my experience in my in-person pilot program in order to really make this book something that can really help change the way we think of ourselves and others, our lives, bodies, dreams, happiness, and our goals.

I’m confident that when this book is ready to be put out into the world, it’s going to bring positivity to each person who reads it.

“Do Things that Make You Feel Good”
-Caitlin *


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