2012: A Year of C*FIt

Well, Happy New Year!

It’s hard to imagine that a year ago, C*Fit was non-existent. It was not even in the works. It was not even on my radar. Honestly, how the heck it even came about still boggles my mind.

I wanted to pay tribute to the past year of C*Fit’s life. Even though it wasn’t called “C*Fit”, what I’ve realized is everything since January 1st 2012 has lead up to the present “thing” we call (or I call) C*Fit.

Let’s Start at the Beginning shall we?

January 1st 2012 (ish):
I was having a conversation with photographer and close friend Nick Glimenakis (nickglimenakis.com) about potentially having him do some shots for me in case I might want to use them someday if I decide to start a website or something crazy like that. He replied with, “I have an idea for a video if you are interested” and “Why don’t you develop a website and launch it January 1st?”. Welp, and so it happened. All of it. We shot the video in late December, him and I worked on the website (used to be called caitlincroteaufitness.com), and then I created an online community on the website so that people could have a place to connect, share idea, be inspired, and not feel so alone in their quest for a healthy lifestyle.

January 29, 2012: The Birth of the C*Fit Club (http://www.facebook.com/cfitclub). Don’t ask me how the name C*Fit came to be…I took the first letter of my first name, put my favorite shape in between it and “Fit Club”…and wah lah! It just kinda stuck. I wanted to create a community of people to inspire and to be inspired. I’m all about sharing ideas, information, feelings, thoughts, and experiences. This was my way of doing so. I started with 1 person and to this day there are over 150 people in this so called “club”. It’s more like a family if you ask me though.

Somewhere between February and April 2012:
-Created a C*Fit Club t-shirt. NO idea that anyone would want to buy it or wear it for that matter. BUT I just wanted to, so I did.
-Started doing way more videos on my YouTube Channel (Caitnutbar on YouTube)…including workout videos, motivational videos, and the like.
-Created my first ever Bikini Badass Program. An exercise program to help people to feel badass in their bikinis. That’s where I met C*Fit Ambassador, Lauren Quann, who, to date, I have never met yet I feel like she is a close friend of mine.

Somewhere around May 2012:
-Started the planning for the C*Fit HIIT Workout DVD.
I never knew I wanted to create, help produce, develop an exercise DVD. I just had the idea one day and Nick G and I ran with it. Literally. All the way to Long Beach, Long Island (like 4x). It took us 4 trips out there to finalize the shooting process. What a learning experience. For a copy, head to GetCFit.Com
-The Beginnings of the C*Fit Nutrition Plan (read on to see when it was released)

June 2012:
-The Launch of C*Fit HIIT Workout DVD and the new name of the website GetCFit.com. I wanted to get my name out of the website because it’s not about me…it’s about fitness, health, vitality, working on yourself, and doing things that make you feel good. SO I changed the name to reflect this. Onto filming the DVD. The most nerve wracking day of my life (as I knew it). Developing a workout DVD and putting it out there for people to watch and follow along to is such a vulnerable thing to do. Putting yourself in front of a camera performing a workout you created on a public beach for god knows who to watch it/buy it…yep,talk about vulnerable. BUT it was such a fun experience and I would absolutely do it again.

Summer 2012:
-Another Workout Series (Summer Series I believe I called it)
-More work on the website and the launch of the GetCFit Blog! A place to tie it all in.
-The creation/development of the C*Fit Fall into Fitness Program (developing 35 recipes, creating 4 workout videos, developing a 6 week workout program, and getting ready to shoot all of it).
-I started to write a book about nutrition, fitness, life, happiness, freedom, and NOT DIETING. 🙂 (still in the works-it’ll take me a while-hold tight)…You can find excerpts from the book on this blog.

September 2012:
-The shooting of the Fall into Fitness Program
Took us 2 full days of shooting to accomplish it. 4 workout videos in a row…the introduction video…and lastly, the cooking videos.
-Finalized the C*Fit Nutrition Plan (20 some odd pages full of user friendly information on how to understand your body so that you can nourish it the way you wish to).
-Put the entire Program together, graphically designed it all, and got it ready to be launched.

October 15th 2012:
Launch of the Fall into Fitness 6-Week Program. 25 or so people signed up! Some of whom I’ve never met. SO COOL! It is the project I am most proud of so far. Not only because it was something I poured my blood, sweat, and tears (literally) into but also because as a group, we were able to donate almost $100 to the Susan G.Komen for the Cure Foundation. It was something I really wanted to do since my mom recently had breast cancer. I don’t know how I put that program together…even to this day, it felt like magic was used to piece it altogether. To check it out go to getcfit.com and click on the Store tab.

December 2, 2012:
I started a new Facebook Community titled “Live Free or Die-t”. Inspired by my home state of NH and my dislike for diets, I decided to create a community where people can empower themselves to feel better about their bodies, end the dieting mentality, and get out there and live whatever life you want. It’s a page devoted to helping people to let go of the dieting mentality so that you are able to truly live a life of freedom. It’s also the beginnings of a motivational speaking tour that I hope to accomplish someday. Check it out and join the conversation! facebook.com/livefreeordie-t
“I used to count calories. I used to workout a million hours a week. I used to live my life in fear of gaining weight, not being enough, and failure. Now, I live a life of FREEDOM! NO dieting, no beating myself up, and no deprivation. Let yourself be free.”

January 1st 2013: TODAY
I have no idea what is in store for C*Fit this year. I went into this whole idea with no expectation…I didn’t want to force anything to happen, or to force myself to create something. I want it always to naturally occur. All of my YouTube motivational/inspirational videos are freelanced. I don’t plan them. When I come up with anything for this community, it is all coming from a genuine place.

I didn’t start this community to make money, or for you to know my name, or for any other reason other than my love for helping people to feel good about who they already are, where they want to go, and for people to know that I believe in them. When you feel like no one believes in you, not even yourself, I want to be there rooting you on. I believe in us. I believe in YOU.

All I want is for people to feel good because I believe when you feel good, you can serve your community to a higher degree and plus, you’ll be happier. Our world will be a better place for all of us if it is filled with more happiness and peace.

Thank you to those of you who follow this blog, visit the website, or hang out on the Facebook Pages. You’ve all added a greater purpose to my life. I may not get to hang out with you guys 24/7 (which is my ultimate goal), BUT I love the fact that I have this community to be apart of. It makes me smile, dream, create, and love more than I ever have.

In 2012, I found my purpose and passion; It’s fitness. It’s nutrition. It’s finding freedom and happiness. It’s getting to know you all and finding ways to help you in whatever way I am capable of. But most of all, my passion is believing in YOU.

Here’s to another year of C*Fit. Here’s to believing in ourselves and others. Here’s to living a life of freedom. Here’s to being kind to one another. AND here’s to finding our passion and truly living them. Can’t wait to see what is in store for us this year.

I will leave you with a few thoughts I had tonight:
-You can do whatever you want to do in this life. All you have to do is believe in yourself, and if you are having a hard time with that, reach out.
-Allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to the world and you’ll see that the world will become vulnerable and open to you. It’s not easy, it can be scary, but in the end, it makes us human.

Join me as we start a positive movement to end negative self-esteem and body image, weight loss obsession, and instead create a world full of positive self-talk, self-esteem, and healthy body image through moving our bodies and fueling our bodies with good food.

No one can achieve this alone.

We have to do this *together*.

Now, who’s with me!?

Much love to the C*Fit Family. 🙂

Caitlin *


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