We are All Human AND A little something on Exercise

Good Morning! Life is full of lessons if we are willing to be see them and be aware of them. This morning I experienced something just a few blocks away from me at a Starbucks.

Also, here is something I shared on Facebook yesterday and figured I’d share it on here as well….

“Super deep thought of the day…

Exercise, or simply stated, “moving your body” is when the mind and body talk to one another. Communication between the mind and body becomes very strong.

When else can we say this happens?

If we solely experience exercise in terms of reps, miles, minutes, weights, calories burned, heart rate, or RPMs…we end missing out on this opportunity for internal communication.

There is something bigger going on while we exercise.

Open up your eyes so you can see it. Open up your ears so you can listen. Open up your heart so that you can feel it.”

Have a peaceful day.
Caitlin *


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