Live Free Or Die(t)

Live Free Or Die(t)

I’ve created a new Facebook Page called “Live Free or Die-t” as a channel for positive change.

Here’s what this page is about…

Hi! I’m Cait Croteau. I’m a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer. I’m here to talk about fitness, nutrition, life, and FREEDOM. Join the conversation (or not)!

Since I’m originally from the great state of NH, this slogan has been following me around ever since I left. My main goal is to actually free the world of dieting..or any strict lifestyle for that matter, and to show you that living a life of freedom is possible.

I used to count calories. I used to workout a million hours a week and thought a “day off” was never necessary. I used to live my life in fear of gaining weight, not being enough, and failure. Now, I live a life of FREEDOM! NO dieting, no beating myself up, and no deprivation. OH, and I’m genuinely happy.

Check out my inspirational, motivational, informational, and sometimes humorous blogs and YouTube videos.

Let yourself be free…


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