C*Fit G.I.V.E.S

C*Fit G.I.V.E.SHoliday Edition coming soon!

Here’s a snapshot of what C*Fit G.I.V.E.S is about…

This holiday season, C*Fit is starting a new program called C*Fit G.I.V.E.S.  I started C*Fit as a way to give back and help others live a healthy lifestyle and to allow fitness to be the channel for positive change. C*Fit G.I.V.E.S was created so that the C*Fit Community can provide outreach to the world at large…to serve as many people we can.  Think of each interaction you have as an opportunity to give to the other person; whether it is a smile, a hug, a kind word of advice, clothes, food, shelter, or just to lend an open minded ear…regardless of what it is, it is the mission of C*Fit G.I.V.E.S. to do this all with good intentions through volunteering so that everyone in the world can succeed.

Let’s remind ourselves what the holiday season is truly about…Giving! Giving hugs, smiles, clothes, shelter, kindness, and a warm heart to those not only in our personal lives, but to every person we can serve.  The holiday season is not about what we want to receive, but instead, what we can provide others. Remember, we are responsible for the energy we bring to the world, each room we enter, and to each interaction we have with another. Try to focus on this energy being positive, uplifting, generous, and peaceful. Instead of asking the world to give you something, ask yourself, “What can I do to better serve the world?” Whatever the answer is to that question, this is the time to connect to it.

Throughout this holiday season, C*Fit is going to give to YOU.  Each week between Thanksgiving and New Years, I will be announcing a G.I.V.E. challenge, sharing a workout video with you, and providing you with a new healthy holiday recipe.


Let your heart be light,



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