Adventures of Apple Picking

Hey C*Fits!

I look forward to this trip every year…it’s been a tradition since my first year living in NYC. For the past 3 years, I’ve gone hiking and apple picking with friends that I made while working as a Personal Trainer at Equinox. Being that I was born and raised in New England, sometimes I miss the beauty of the outdoors since I’ve moved to NYC. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve quickly realized how beautiful city life can be, but I will always love the natural beauty that nature offers us. It’s good to look up, look out the window, and feel the fresh air on your face as often as you can.

This weekend was the 3rd annual Hiking and Apple Picking trip. I had SUCH a good time. I disconnected (as much as my city brain could) from the daily grind, left the pavement and skyscrapers, and headed off to upper Westchester County and lower Putnam County for a day of sweating, rock climbing, and eating way too many apples (followed by a apple belly ache-meh).

First, I met up with my friend Mike K at his house. I bring this up because something hilarious happened while I was there. Yes, I am that girl who has random things happen to her time and time again. Friends know that I always have a story to tell. Before we left to go hiking, I did what most people do before they head out for a hike in the woods…they go pee. I turned the door knob to exit the bathroom, when all of a sudden, the door knob was in my hand. I panicked. “Oh no. I broke their door knob. Now what!?” I tried screwing it back on but it just wasn’t working. “Crap. Now I gotta be the girl who is yelling Help from the bathroom…I’m sure his family is going to think I’m nuts.” “ANYONE OUT THERE!!! I’M STUCK IN THE BATHROOM! THE DOOR KNOB BROKE OFF”. Long story short, after about 3 minutes of yelling, someone heard me and let me out. Apparently the door knob was loose prior to my visit, but no one told me. Awesome… Well any who’s here’s a pic of me while I waited to be released.

Thumbs up for a great day ahead!

Moving on, we headed out to go hike Breakneck Ridge (seriously, who names a mountain that!) with another trainer at Equinox. The hike was SO fun. I finally got to use my spider woman-like tendencies. The hike was a lot of rock climbing and it was straight up! Once at the top, we enjoyed the beautiful views of the foliage and river, had some water, took some pics, and then started our descent. The descent was us running down the mountain (no big rocks on the trail on the way down…a nice path with small boulders instead) which was such a great feeling. It’s liberating and challenging to allow yourself/your body to “fall” down the mountain. All and all, took us about 1.5 hours to go up and down.

Mike K, myself, and Steven at the top!

Next up: Apple picking! Stuart’s Farm in Yorktown, NY. I love this place. I’m obsessed with apples…cooking with them, eating them, looking at them, picking them. After a long hike, it’s great to bite into a juicy and fresh apple straight from the tree. We met up with a few others at the farm…it was so fun spending the afternoon with new and familiar faces. It was the perfect day.

A little photo op!

I took home about 10-15# of apples. Now, time to figure out what to do with them!

Thank you to the gang for a wonderful day. It truly was a breath of fresh air in every way.

Moral of the story:

Take your eyes away from your iPhone and look around you. Life is happening. There is a world around you…there are people to interact with right in front of you. Don’t take the trees, fresh air, or good company for granted. Because when there aren’t any more statuses updated, or new tweets to check out, or anything good on TV…there is a world waiting for you to explore.


Much love you guys,





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