It’s here!!!! The C*Fit Fall into Fitness Program

I am SO excited to be launching the C*Fit Fall into Fitness Program! On sale NOW! Click on the video link below to find out more about the program, what is included, and what you can expect from this program!

CLICK BELOW to watch the Launch Video

*Fall into Fitness Program LAUNCH Video*

Reserve your space today! The program will be sent to you October 12th at 6 PM EST via email! The official start date of the program begins October 15th!

To purchase the program, visit and click on Store tab.

OR simply click HERE to purchase it directly from the PayPal website.

You are going to LOVE this program. It’s a program meant to get you back on track after a summer of indulgences, increase your fitness level, add 35 delicious fall recipes to your cookbook that include seasonal produce that’s inexpensive, and to be a support system for you as you change your lifestyle! An awesome giveaway will be announced at the end PLUS, lots of surprises that you have no idea about either! *Wink Wink*

Sign up and join me! I will be doing the program right beside you!

Positivity Starts Here.

-Caitlin *


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