This week’s Featured Workout!

Hey C*Fits! Who remembers the Steps to Success Workout!?

The video is pretty hilarious (it’s a home video-sorry guys!). BUT I have also given you the Printable Version below so you can take this to a local staircase whether it’s inside your house/apartment OR outside at a local park.

Squat Jump!

Steps to Success workout

  1. Run Stairs #1
  2. 20 Squat jumps
  3. Run Stairs #2
  4. 20 Push ups
  5. Run Stairs #3
  6. 20 Jumping split squat
  7. Run Stairs #4
  8. 20 Shoulder Push Ups
  9. Run Stairs #5
  10. Plank with 20 Glute lifts
  11. Run Stairs #6

     Repeat this 2-3 more times!


Happy Climbing! 🙂



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