*Be Grateful*

Hey C*Fit Club peeps!

Just a little reminder 🙂
Happy Tuesday

Today I was reminded of the power of positive and inspiring interactions with strangers/new people in our lives. I met with a woman today that ignited a fire within me that hasn’t been lit for quite some time. I quickly learned that what I’ve been searching for and wanting in my professional life as a Registered Dietitian is someone to learn from….a mentor. I met someone who could absolutely be that person.

I love learning new things and meeting people that give me a new perspective.

Today I was able to have one of those interactions and I’m so incredibly thankful for it. I truly believe that It’s those who push us to see differently, do differently, and act differently that makes us better people.

I’ve been a little bit of a professional rut lately and I am so incredibly thankful for the interaction I had with my hopefully, soon-to-be mentor. Which reminded me that it’s so important to remind ourselves what we are thankful and grateful for in our lives.

All too often, we think about what we don’t have, or who we don’t have in our lives yet, or just the life that we want but we might not have yet. It’s okay to dream. Dreaming is what keeps me going sometimes.

It’s important to keep dreaming…keep striving for more…but it’s equally as important to be mindful of what we already have. If we can’t be happy with what we have already, then how do we expect to be happy when we finally get what we want?

Today, let’s remind ourselves what we are grateful for. Fill in the blank (comment below).

I’m grateful for __________________________.

Much love to the growing C*Fit Community! Welcome to all of our new C*Fits out there. Go out and inspire those around you to be active, happy, and to become even better people.
-Caitlin *

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