Favorite Things Friday: Bite Size Edition

Happy Favorite Things Friday! This week’s favorite thing comes to you from one of my favorite companies…ThinkThin. Most people know that a day without a thinkThin bar for me is like a day without being on Pinterest. (sad but true)

Click here to watch the Favorite Things Friday YouTube Video: thinkThin Bites!

Dark Chocolate Ones are Fabulous!

It’s a high protein, gluten free, no or low sugar bar that satisfies a sweet tooth and keeps you feeling full! I’m slightly obsessed with them!

You can find them in most grocery stores OR head to http://www.thinkproducts.com for more info AND tons of flavors to choose from that your grocery store might not have šŸ™‚

Fall into Fitness Program
On sale 1st week of October!

In other news…

Tomorrow is the Fall into Fitness shoot! I will be shooting all of the videos you will utilize and need during the 6-week healthy eating and exercise program that goes on sale first week of October! Been working on this project for the past 2 months and am so excited to be in the final stages of it. You are going to fall in love with it (pun totally intended!)

Much love to thinkThin and the C*Fit community!


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