Motivation Monday + 5k Weekend Post!

Hey all! Happy Motivation Monday! This post has 2 parts…an update on the 5K I did this weekend with some fellow C*Fit ladies AND a Motivation Monday video to kick start this week!

Some C*Fit Ladies Take on a 5K

This past Saturday, myself and 3 other C*Fit ladies ran the Woodlawn Run For a Cause 5k race! Gabrielle, Jenn (C*Fit Ambassador), and Alissa all trained hard for this race and it was Gabrielle and Jenn’s first time running a road race ever, and Alissa hadn’t ran a 5K since high school. I’ve never ran a 5k with a goal in mind other than just finishing. Needless to say, this 5K was about a lot more than just running. We set goals…and I’m happy to say every one of us crushed it! We all achieved our goals. I couldn’t be more proud!

Us before the start of the race

During the Race and right after!


On our walk back. MUCH LOVE to the NYC C*Fit Ladies

Motivation Monday: How To Measure Fitness

Click HERE for the Motivation Monday video!

Positivity starts here.



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