Can we say BURPEES!?

Happy Work It Out Wednesday my C*Fit loves!

Today’s work out is brought to you by the letter “B”. B is for burpee, that’s good enough for me! Burpee burpee burpee starts with B! Do you remember that from Sesame Street?

Here is a great picture that shows how to perform one full burpee.

C*Fit Tip: You can place your hands on the wall OR you could use a chair and place your hands on that instead of the floor. Those are two great ways to make the exercise easier/less advanced.

Correct way to perform a burpee!

Click the link below to watch the Burpee Workout…and then, do it! 🙂

Burpee Workout

Happy Wednesday! This week I will be doing a Favorite Things Friday Video! I promise!

Anything you’d like to hear about or hear my opinion about? Tell me!

-Caitlin *


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