Motivation Monday: You’re Worth It

Hey all! Hope you had a relaxing, fun, and healthy weekend! Fall is on it’s way…I can feel it in the air this morning. (OH and the Fall into Fitness Program is on it’s way as well! October 15th!) SO I switched out the old iced coffee for a hot one. Sipping on it now….

As you may know, I’m training for a “fast” 5K. I’ve never trained for a 5K…just usually show up and run it! This time is different…this time I’m training to run it sub 25 minutes and it’s my last week of training! Saturday is the big day for me– and for 3 of your fellow C*Fit ladies! – Gabrielle, C*Fit Ambassador Jenn, and Alissa!

The last week of training can sometimes be mentally and physically rough! BUT that’s when you gotta dig DEEP. That’s when it all comes together. The last week is one of my most important parts of your training. Taking care of your body through proper nutrition, hydration, and sleep is essential to race day success.

Which brings me to today’s Motivation Monday Video! Click on the link below to watch.

You’re so Worth It

Here’s a pic of us after our training run last Friday.

Alissa, Jenn, and myself after our 6am training run last Friday

Have a great week! See you on Wednesday!


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