C*Fit Beach Day!

A shot from the day we filmed the C*Fit Workout DVD. Long Beach, Long Island

This weekend, I took some time to relax and enjoy the last few days of Summer (I can’t believe it’s over already!). My friend LaKell and I, headed to Long Beach, Long Island for a day at the beach…and, of course, we had to do it the C*Fit Way!

Taking a trip to the beach can end up being super unhealthy. Between eating Doritos, being sedentary all day, and drinking alcohol (let’s be honest)…beach days end up needing a recovery day to follow…

UNLESS you are having a beach day the C*Fit Way!

I started my day with a 2 mile run and then ran some stairs (because, stairs are my favorite!). I always feel so much better when I exercise in the morning. Took a shower, packed up for a day at the beach, and headed out to pick up LaKell, headed to Starbucks to grab a quick grab-and-go breakfast so we could get on the road.
Check out this video to see what we brought to the beach for snacks and how we prepare for a day at the beach!

C*Fit Beach Weekend YouTube Video

I hope you all had a healthy and enjoyable Labor Day weekend!

Caitlin *


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