Hi all! Happy Work it Out Wednesday!

Today, whatever you decide to do for a workout, CRUSH IT! Put your mind to it, stay focused, work hard, and absolutely crush that workout. If it’s a run or a bike ride or a swim, go faster, harder, stronger! If it’s strength training, do every rep full out and maybe increase your weights slightly! If it’s yoga, try to advance your technique, breathe a little deeper or focus on you the entire session, or just go a little deeper into your stretches/positions.

Today I woke up and crushed my run. I’m training for a 5K…My goal is to run the 5K sub 25 minutes. I’ve ran various 5K races, but never trained for one before. I’ve been running, Spinning, lifting, and stretching/recovering in order to make this goal happen. I’ve never trained for a 5K before because to me, the length is pretty easy for me (but it wasn’t always-remember I started with a mile a day). I’ve trained for 10Ks and half marathons…but never trained for short distance races…it’s kinda my new thing.

This morning, I ran the 5K is 23 minutes!! Meaning, I crushed my goal of sub 25 minutes and today wasn’t even my race day! I’m so excited to see what I can do on race day which is on September 15th! I am running it with 3 other C*Fit ladies–Shout out to Jenn, Alissa, and Gabrielle! Let’s go girls!!!!

Here’s a pic of me after my run, my running stats, and a pic quote that I love. Always remember, you are SO worth it.

Crushed it this morning! AND faced an on-going fear of running in a sports bra and shorts. Had to share a pic! AND remember, you are SO worth it.

Whatever you choose to do for a workout today, remember to CRUSH IT!

Have a great Wednesday!

-Caitlin *


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