Reasons to Workout

Hey C*Fit Peeps!

Yesterday was the last day of the 4-Week Summer Series! It’s crazy how fast 4 weeks flies by! Make sure you take your “after” measurements, write down your progress (maybe you ran for the first time, maybe you ate healthier, maybe you had FUN!), and tell me what you thought of it all! 5 Winners will be announced this week! Winners receive a FREE C*Fit HIIT Workout DVD.

What is the C*Fit Workout DVD exactly?

Check out the trailer of the DVD here!

This week’s Motivation Monday post is all about “Reasons to Be Fit”. There is a great website that I found through Pinterest (of course), and it has pictures with people’s reasons for being fit. We all have our own reasons…here is one of my reasons to be fit.

Training for a road race that is in t-3 weeks. Ready to crush it!

What’s your reason to be fit? We all have one or two or twenty! Share one with the C*Fit Community on Facebook!

Email me at with your results of the C*Fit Summer Series…it’s not about numbers, but about what you have gained from the last 4 weeks!

Welp, I’m off for a run! A stressful day calls for some fresh air and some endorphins!



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