Excerpt from Chapter 2: Say Your Final Good-Bye to Dieting

Yesterday, I got into work early and decided to take a few moments to work on my book. A few moments of writing turned into another section of Chapter 2.

Here’s an excerpt from my writing session yesterday Please keep in mind that this is the draftiest of drafts. In this chapter, I discuss diets; why they don’t work, the diet industry, and how to quit dieting and say your final farewell to it all. In this section of the chapter, called “Stop the Dieting Mentality Now”, I urge you to write a letter to your diet (or life of diets) telling them YOU QUIT! Here is the entire section of the chapter. I have a hard time keeping anything a secret….

Chapter 2: Say your Final Good-Bye to Diets

Chapter 2: Say Your Final Good-Bye to Your Past Life of Dieting

Sounds like a great idea, until now right? Stopping the dieting mentality was the hardest struggle I have faced so far in my life. Why? Because it’s a battle against yourself…. the little angel and devil on your shoulders. Stopping the dieting mentality means shutting out the angel and devil that tell you what to do in order to “be good” or “be bad”. Fact is, you aren’t a good or bad person based on what food goes into your body. We are “good” or “bad” people based on the thoughts in our heads, the words that come out of our mouths, and our actions.

Are you finally fed up with the diet industry? Are you finally ready to quit sabotaging your health and happiness? Are you just so OVER failing? How many more programs are you going to try before you realize that you must find your own program? You create your own system. You create your own lifestyle that works for YOU, your life, your goals, and your happiness. NO DIET CAN GIVE YOU THAT.  Just quit.

Think of dieting as a job. A really awful job. Think of a job that you have had in your life that you absolutely despised. No matter what you did, you always left your shift (or day at the office) feeling awful. NO matter how hard you tried, your boss or co-workers still hated you. There was no way you could win at this job. SO, one day, you decide you want to quit. You stayed up all night thinking of why you hate the job, your co-workers, your boss, the nature of the job, the commute to the job, the things you had to do at the job, etc etc.  You convince yourself that you are SO over all of it. That you deserve better. That there is something better out there for you. That you need to free yourself from all of the negativity it has brought into your life. And, the next day, you go into work, and you quit.  You tell your boss everything that you need to say (while staying professional, of course), and at the end of the day, you get into your car (or subway, bus, train, plane, bike, whatever) and you feel all of the weight fall off your shoulders. You feel freedom.

The same goes for you and your job called dieting. Imagine one day, you decide that enough is enough. That you deserve better. You decide you don’t need this negativity or the rules and standards that you once felt you wanted. Nope. Not anymore. You decide to quit. Write down everything you’d say to your diet(s) or the person who wrote the diet (ooo, that could be fun!). Tell them everything you are feeling. Tell them, you quit. And then walk away from that notebook, computer, or piece of scrap paper (remember scrap paper?). You might feel all of the weight falling off of your shoulders, and possibly your body as well.

Here’s my letter to Diet:

Dear Diet,

First and foremost, when I started this, I thought it would make me better. I thought it would make my whole life better. I believed that you were the key to my success. I thought you knew what I needed. I thought that this was a good match, and I believed every word you said. But guess what? Unfortunately you suck and I was so wrong about all of that. To be blunt, and I don’t say this often, but I would wish diarrhea upon you if I could.To sum things up, YOU LIED to me and gave me false promises. You made me feel like it was my fault that this didn’t work out. You made me feel like so many other people have been successful on this and that I failed because I am weak. You have damaged me time and time again. That cute little diet that sounded so wonderful spiraled into an eating disorder that could have destroyed my body and my life. So F*%k you and your rules and regulations on how to live my life. Ya’ll don’t know me.

Well guess what? I have finally decided that I am going to QUIT you. No, you are not firing me, I’m quitting YOU. And I will spend the rest of my life telling everyone about you. Piss off.

In the words of Gotye,

Now you’re just somebody that I used to know.



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