A little motivation from C*Fit Ambassador, Lauren

C*Fit Ambassador, Lauren Quann, wanted to share her experiences/thoughts/feelings on her Iron Girl training last week. If you have ever trained for a 5K, or a fitness competition, or any type of event…you’ll understand exactly what Lauren is saying here. Sometimes training for an event can be lonely…sometimes you feel like no one “gets it”, and sometimes, all of that, gets you a little frustrated. It’s important to stay true to yourself and to “keep calm and carry on”.

And a little motivational quote/pic 🙂


Here is Lauren’s Motivation Monday Post:

“The past week has been a challenge mentally training. I chose to train for this Iron Girl Triathlon for myself, not for anyone else. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this, I could be an Iron Girl Triathlete. Well as time has gone on I have been looking for support, looking for others to care about what I am doing, and looking for others to push me forward in times of need. My husband never falters in this, but of course he has his own focuses in life and can’t always be there to pick up the pieces. I have friends who ask how I am doing, but again, not an every day thing, nor do I expect it to be. And I have noticed lately no one else really seems to understand how BIG this is to me. Its not like I am taking a 2 mile jog here folks, I am training to be an Iron Girl, and future (hopefully) Iron Man race completer. And lets remember an Iron girl Triathlon race consists of a 600 meter swim, 30 K bike ride and a 5 k road race. It is crazy, it is nuts, it is hard, and not many achieve it. So the past week I have felt alone, very alone, in my training. I have felt different than others, disconnected, and have let this hinder my performance.

During my run on Monday I couldn’t even go for longer than 5 minutes. I did not get what was wrong with me, I felt beaten down and ready to give up. The past few days I have been digging deep once again to stay going forward, stay on task, and stay goal oriented. I broke down and talked to my husband and worked through to the point of the only answer being, no one does care as much as I do, and if I expect them to, I will be let down. I am not racing for others, I am racing for myself. I know this, but some how lost it. This is a lonely process. I spend a lot of time in my head, running, lifting, spinning, stretching, and all just with me, myself, and my body. I listen to it, I push it harder, and I push through those mental walls. But, those aren’t walls, they are just hills. Hills you go up, and guess what, you get a pretty big push on the way down. So this past hill has been hard, but I am my biggest support, I will always be my strongest support. The battle with yourself will be the hardest you will ever have to endure, it is a life long challenge to endure through yourself in all the good and the bad. I am not sure the bad of this hill is over, nor do I never expect more hills, but I can’t give up. I will never give up on myself and I will never give up visualizing that finish line!

I know sometimes working out can be hard, losing just 2 pounds can feel like the hardest thing you have ever done, but you are not alone. Even those that you would never think struggle, do. But that is what this is all about, the struggle. Life is not about the destination, it is about the journey and what you learn on the way. So don’t feel alone, don’t give up, and push harder and be stronger! We are right there with you….”

-Lauren Quann, C*Fit Ambassador and rock star at life 🙂

Happy Motivation Monday!



2 thoughts on “A little motivation from C*Fit Ambassador, Lauren

  1. I absolutely love your blog post Lauren. I often feel the same way, but unlike you, I tend to stay there longer then I should. My mistake is that I do expect for people to care about my goals and dreams as much as I do. But thank you for pointing out to me that people have their OWN goals, and they may not be as excited about yours, and vice versa. Now I know that I’m not the only one who battle with the mind, and how we need to conquer those mental hills in life.

    Thank you for inspiring me…it really means alot, and it put things in perspective 🙂

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