Work It Out Wednesday: Stand Up CHALLENGE!

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Today’s Work It Out Wednesday Challenge is SO different from any of others.

Today I am challenging you to be on your feet as much as you can! Heck, I’m writing this post standing up! (kinda awkward, but it gets the job done)

If you are at a desk job…can you be standing while completing some of your job tasks? Can you walk to your co-workers desk to speak with them in person? While on the phone with a client, can you stand up? Can you set an alarm on your phone/computer/email system to get up and move every 90 minutes? You don’t have to get up and do jumping jacks in your heels or suit! Just a quick (2-5 minute) get up and move break is all I’m talking about. Stand up, stretch, walk, go fill up your water bottle, etc.

If you are a stay at home mom or if you do not have a desk job…I’m not too worried about you guys. Just keep in mind the goal is to be up and moving as much as you can today!

Sounds pretty easy so far right? But, what happens when you get home from work? When you get home from work, think about answering this question for yourself. “How can I make sure I am standing/off of my butt the majority of tonight?” By all means, eat dinner sitting down! Other than that, you can watch TV standing up, while doing some exercises, while stretching, foam rolling, and even while playing with your kids (animal children and human children both count). Take 30 minutes and go take a walk (by yourself, with a friend, with a family member, or what your dog!). Take time to prep your breakfast and lunch for the next day. Fold your laundry while standing up. Apartment/house a little dirty? Perfect! Clean it!

All too often we rely on sitting down watching TV in order to fill up our nights. There is nothing wrong with that either (trust me, I enjoy watching TV). BUT just for today, can you try to do something else. OR like I mentioned before, can you watch TV but still be up off of the couch? Absolutely.

CHECK IN on the C*Fit Club Facebook Page and tell us how you spent your day/night being up off of your butt! You never know who could benefit from what you share, so please do! I will check in with you all too!


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