A Throw Back Work it Out Wednesday!

Hey all! Happy Wednesday! So it’s halfway through the week…I want you to check in with yourself. Take a couple of minutes and answer these questions for yourself.

  •  How has your week been so far?

*If it hasn’t gone so well, what do you have control over that you can change/modify to make it better? Your attitude? Making more time for yourself?

  • Have you been able to exercise?

*If not, how come? Can you find 15 minutes today to move your body today? Yes, you can. Make the time because it won’t find you. Try to kill 2 birds with one stone.  Be creative.

  • Have you been fueling your body or have you been feeding it garbage? (and remember, there is nothing wrong with a cookie here or there, or whatever floats your boat) 

*Think back to your meals and snacks so far this week. Remember: Foods are not good nor bad. It’s just food. How did you feel when you ate certain meals/snacks? How has your fruit and veggie intake been? Water intake? Can you think of anything you could have done better? Can you think of a meal/snack that you are proud of? It’s not about regretting, it’s about looking back, learning, and moving forward.

  • Are you being nice to your body?

What positive things have you said about yourself and your body this week? Lift yourself up! It’s not being cocky, it’s being confident. Your body requires fuel, exercise, and rest. Be nice to your body guys.

After you answer these questions. Here’s a throw back Work it Out Wednesday Routine from the Bikini Badass Workout Series.

Have a great day! Try to stay positive! Very excited to workout with some C*Fit  people tonight in New Hampshire! Excited, slightly nervous, but so ready to have some fun! Fitness brings people together.

-Caitlin *


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