I’m writing a book…


Hey All! As stated in the Motivation Monday post, I am writing a book. AND I want to share little snippets here and there…not only excerpts from the roughest of rough drafts, but also to share my experience writing a book. It’s a book about finding your own healthy lifestyle which includes the journey to finding food freedom, exercise freedom, having your cake and eating it too, and truly changing how you view your body and yourself in general.

PS. I am writing this post after I just taught a spin class AND while sipping on a homemade C*Fit Margarita. Not because I burned enough calories at the gym, or because I had a bad day at work, or anything like that…because I don’t treat or sabatage myself with food or drinks…but because I truly enjoy the taste of margaritas and living a life of moderation. Nothing tastes as good as freedom does.

SO, without further ado…here is an excerpt from the Introduction.

Who is this book for?

“For anyone that is sick of dieting, living by food rules, and paying money for diet book after diet book, after weight loss program after weight loss program, after pill after pill in order to lose weight or “get lean”. For anyone that has ever dealt with an eating disorder or some form of disordered eating issue. For anyone that has a poor body image or self-esteem. For anyone that wants to move forward with their life but feels that their weight or their obsession with food/exercise is getting in the way of that. For anyone that is sick of reading fitness and health magazines only to find out that what they thought was the “right way” to eat or exercise is actually old news. For anyone that has spent part or all of your life judging your body instead of accepting it.

This book is truly for anyone that wants FREEDOM. ”

What is this book about?

“On the surface it’s about nutrition, exercise science, behavior change, goal setting, grocery shopping, and learning about your body.  But really this book is about freedom. It’s about shutting up the angel and devil that sit on your shoulder telling you what to do with your life (what to eat, how much, when, to exercise or not exercise, that you are fat or that you are skinny).”

“It’s about curing the world of diets and food rules and poor body images and self-doubt and destructive behaviors relating to food and exercise. It’s about your relationship with not only yourself, but with others, and with food and exercise.”

Why Am I Writing This Book?

“I’m writing this book because honestly, I want to help you.  This book actually started out as a nutrition plan.  During the writing process of the nutrition plan, I had a weird feeling that a nutrition plan wasn’t actually the product I wanted to put out into the world. I wanted to rid people of dieting and rules, so creating a nutrition plan, although way different than a diet, would still create something that people would feel they had to follow. I want to create something that gives you the FREEDOM to live your life, eat and enjoy the food you love, and truly help you feel the best you have ever felt.”

“This book will make you think about yourself (your past, your present, and your future), question the rules that you’ve been living by, and find a lifestyle that makes you happy AND healthy. This book includes tools that will help you to create a life of food and exercise FREEDOM.  I believe that rules are meant to be broken and tools are meant to mend and fix things…like an unhealthy relationship with your body, food, and exercise, just for an example. Each chapter of this book is a different tool that you can use so you can finally find that healthy yet balanced lifestyle. Each chapter includes an exercise (not a squat or a pushup, not that kind of exercise) that I will ask you to complete because, at the end of the day, this book is about getting to know yourself so that you can find your freedom. Be honest with yourself in these exercises. I will be sharing my experiences and my struggles with you because all of it has brought me to where I am now.”

Update on the process of Writing The Book:

Okay, that’s all for now! I’m on Chapter 2 right now and am having such a great experience writing it. Writing a book seems daunting at times because it is such a commitment. Hundreds of pages. Probably a million drafts. And grammar? That’s a whole new concept for me. I feel like I need to go back to high school and re learn grammar. Thankfully, my sister is a high school English teacher. Thanks Lex in advance! The issue (that’s actually a good issue) I’m having right now is that I have SO many ideas that if I don’t write them down immediately, I will forget them. I have a million things to say in this book, but it’s all about channeling those thoughts and keeping myself focused. Which if you know me, it’s hard to keep me on one topic during a conversation. Needless to say, this book is challenging me in a million ways. BUT it’s a really cool experience and worth every minute of working on it.
See you all for Favorite Things Friday. It includes a GIVEAWAY! WHOOT WHOOT!



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