Work it Out Wednesday!

Here is a fun, simple, and effective Boot Camp workout I created for myself about a month ago. The majority of it can be completed using your body weight, however there are some that will require a few pieces of equipment. Equipment necessary: A set of dumbbells. Also, for the lat pull downs/pull ups, I use a pull up bar that I have in my apartment. If you don’t have one, use resistance tubing. Fold the tubing in half, grab a hold of each end, raise your arms up over your head, and then pull each side down at the same time.

Complete this workout as many times as you can (but at least 3 times).

C*Fit Bootcamp #1

At the end of the Boot Camp exercises, you can choose to do the cardio either on a cardio machine, run up and down stairs, OR do the C*Fit Cardio Interval Workout…

C*Fit Cardio Workout

Let me know how it goes! I am planning on doing it tomorrow morning so check in on Facebook and Twitter (@getcfit) after you are done! 🙂

Happy Wednesday!!



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