Motivation Monday: A Tribute to Simon and CHECK IN CHALLENGE WINNERS!

“Never Underestimate Who or What Can Motivate You”

And so it begins, another week and another opportunity to live the way you want to live. Another week to set goals and crush them. Another week to buy and prepare healthy foods. Another week to become a better you. πŸ™‚

That’s why I think Mondays are special. Celebrate the beginning not just the end (weekend). This Monday started off a little rocky for me…a few bumps in the road, a headache outta nowhere, and a not-so-C*Fit mentality.

Since I slept in until 8:15am (yep, that’s right…and PS I set my alarm for 6am), I had to squeeze in a workout of some sort after work. On my drive home, it began down pouring which seemed to be a parallel to how my day went, but as I was pulling into my apartment building, I looked up and there it was…a rainbow. Being the “everything happens for a reason” kind of lady that I am, I decided that I was going to take that as a sign to turn my day around. Exercise always seems to do that for me, so I decided to go for a run with my furry friend, Simon. (he’s not mine, but I love him like he is).

Simon is a dog. He’s a 7-year old brittany spaniel to be exact. He can’t talk to me, he can’t tell me how he feels, he can’t go grocery shopping for me or do the laundry (although I wish he could) but what he can do, among many other things,Β  is motivate me. He loves running and being active just as much, if not more, than I do. I know that he is always down for a run, no matter what happened in his day or what type of mood he is in, and for that, today’s motivation Monday is a tribute to Simon: the love of my life and best running buddy a girl can ask for. Simon keeps me running…he makes running that much more enjoyable…and he genuinely just loves being outside and active. He motivates me. He inspires me. AND he makes me smile more than anyone else. Can you tell I’m a huge dog lover?

Biggest take home message: Allow others to motivate and inspire you. Whether it’s a person or a dog. Never underestimate someone’s ability to walk into your life and motivate you. πŸ™‚

Click HERE to Meet Simon and to watch the Motivation Monday Video.


I couldn’t pick just one, so I picked 5!

1. Alissa Lynch

2. Elisa Gardner

3. Jen Porto

4. Lauren Quann

5. Jennifer Robinson

I want to thank you 5 for checking in as much as you did and for being apart of this check in challenge. You guys inspire and motivate me each and every time you post and I think that’s what the C*Fit Club is all about…women inspiring and supporting one another. You make me so proud of this club. Thanks for being so positive, inspiring, and BADASS.

Email me at and tell me if you’d like a C*Fit HIIT Workout DVD or if you’d like a C*Fit Club T-Shirt and provide me with your mailing address! (If you have both, we can figure out another prize!)

Happy Monday and Congrats to the WINNERS!

Keep checking in guys. Let’s keep holding each other accountable! πŸ™‚



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