Favorite Things Friday: Fun Friday Edition

Hello C*Fit World!

This week’s Favorite Thing is a little thing I like to call “Fun Friday”. Fun Friday is one of my favorite parts of every week since October! It’s always positive, challenging, and motivating (at least for me). I believe that *fitness* brings people together…and Fun Friday does that! 🙂

Watch the video to find out what Fun Friday is and how it started!


A shout out to Gabrielle, Jenn, and Alissa! My ride or die Fun Friday ladies!

Fun Friday started back in October as a way for me to connect with my “clients” (who I counsel on nutrition) on a FITNESS level. I know living a healthy lifestyle includes eating healthy, exercising, finding balance, enjoying your life, and reaching to your full potential. I started this because some ladies on campus felt they lacked structure, and one of them said to me,  “I wish we could have someone teach a class because that’s way more fun than being in the gym alone”. Word to the Wise: Do not say that to a personal trainer/group exercise instructor if you don’t actually want it to happen…because she will grab that by the horns and run with it. Response: “I will totally teach a class for you and anyone else that wants to come. How about Friday mornings? Let’s call it Fun Friday”. And there it was: The Birth of Fun Friday. Fitness should a be FUN. Anyways, what started out as a way to connect to my “clients” on a FITNESS level has become so much more. I’ve created relationships and friendships with these ladies…they have inspired me, they push me, and more importantly, they have effected me in such a positive way. They are changing for the better (2 of them are training for their first 5K), and so am I, right along with them.

They are absolutely my inspiration to start and continue to grow C*Fit.

Much Love,

Caitlin 🙂


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