Enhancing NOT fixing: Exercise is not a CONSEQUENCE, but instead an OPPORTUNITY!

Hello C*Fit World! 🙂

Having a healthy mindset when it comes to exercising is essential to living a healthy lifestyle and staying motivated to get to your goals. I am going to challenge you to start adapting to this way of thinking about exercise:

“Exercise is not about fixing your body, but instead, is about ENHANCING your body.”

It’s not about hating your thighs, butts, legs, love handles, arms, stomach, etc. and then using exercise as a way to FIX it. YOU are perfect the way you are…you truly have to embrace what you got going on in the body department. ONCE you do that, you are able to use exercise as a way to ENHANCE your body. Making your legs a little stronger, or your abs a little more visible, or your arms a little more BUFF, or your butts a little bit BIGGER. See where I am going with it?


The second part of this new mentality is to embrace this concept as well:

“Exercise is not a CONSEQUENCE, but instead, an OPPORTUNITY.

Exercise is NOT a consequence. ALL people need to move…not just people who are overweight. We now know it’s for our overall health. It’s not a slap on the hand for eating a piece of pizza, or because you don’t have the “perfect” body, or whatever negative reason why you exercise. A consequence is what happens usually when you do something wrong…or when something isn’t right. IN THIS CASE, everything is right. AND you have the body you have…so embrace it and take the opportunity to ENHANCE it. 🙂

Exercise gives us an opportunity. An opportunity to become our best selves, to break through mental walls, to work on ourselves, to feel empowered, to realize our potential, to be the best person you can be, etc etc. If we look at exercise in this light, there is no reason NOT to exercise. It’s not something you HAVE to do, but instead, something that you are CHOOSING to do, BECAUSE C*Fit people like to take opportunities to better themselves!


*Here’s my Motivation Check-In Video*


Be good to your body, your mind, and your spirit. 🙂


-Caitlin *





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