Step it Up Saturday #stepitupsaturday

Hellooooooo Saturday!!

Saturdays/weekends in general are often viewed as “cheat days” or as a “days off” from working out and eating healthy (AKA a healthy lifestyle). And honestly, what the heck is that all about? Taking a day off from living a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t really make sense when we stop to think about it. A lifestyle is how you live your LIFE…not just Monday through Friday. On the weekends, especially on Saturdays, we don’t exercise, we eat whatever falls out of the sky, and we just take the “day off” of from living a healthy lifestyle. Of course there are the people who don’t do this but I DO know so many people that think the weekends are a time to eat like a bear going into hibernation, drink like a high school student on prom night, and just completely lose sight/give up on our fitness goals…ditch the gym, the running sneakers, and sweat session. This is precisely why so many people have a hard time losing weight/getting to their goals: They make healthy choices Monday-Friday afternoon and go balls to the wall Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. That’s 2.5 days out of each week we are throwing away an opportunity to get CLOSER to our goals. That is a total of 10 days each month of lost opportunity.

As I was writing a post on twitter today (@getcfit), I had a realization. Why don’t I take Saturdays as my day to workout a little harder, longer, faster, stronger… step up my healthy eating game by making my own food and not just succumbing to going out to eat just because it’s the weekend, making sure I am organized and productive, and just step it up! Saturdays are a day that the majority of us have off from work so really we have MORE time to workout and think about our meals/have more time to make food at home on Saturdays…so…here is the birth of…*STEP IT UP SATURDAY* *for all of you twitter users, #stepitupsaturday

Every Saturday I am going to commit to Stepping it Up. Stepping it up mentally, physically, and nutritionally. Challenging myself to make the healthiest choices I possibly can while still enjoying my life. As with everything else I do, I will be doing check in videos to stay accountable to my Step it Up Saturday challenge. I want to STEP IT UP! No more I wishes, no more I hope, no more “I will get there someday”….time to STEP IT UP and get there!


Commit to Step It Up Saturday yourself!

A RECAP of this Saturday’s STEP IT UP:

1) 1 mile walk with Mom

2) Bike Ride= 14.5 miles

3) 1 mile run

4) Core and Stretch

5) Healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner 🙂

Dinner= Homemade sweet pot fries (on the grill), fish on the grill, salad, and fresh strawberries for dinner.

Feel free to comment or post a video of what you did to STEP IT UP on Saturday’s from here on out! I’d love to hear what you all are doing. As always, I want this to be about changing our lives TOGETHER and creating a supportive online fitness and nutrition community, so get involved! You never know who will read your post or comment/watch your video and will get inspired by it.




One thought on “Step it Up Saturday #stepitupsaturday

  1. I just made the decision today that since during the week I still train but not longer hours, I am going to make saturday and sunday bigger training days, so glad you started this Cait, as always this group and you are right on the same page with goals, keep pushing forward everyone!

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