Motivation Monday: Getting Past your Plateaus

Hey Everyone! Okay, SO. There are BIG changes happening to Get C*Fit.Com in the coming month and this is a little sneak peak to what is yet to come. GetCFit.Com is going to be turning into a more interactive, fun, all inclusive, ACCESSIBLE (via Iphone, Ipad- any mobile) and just full of all things C*Fit website. It’s going to have a blog element to it because I gotta be honest, I have a lot to say. AND I want to be able to share all things C*Fit with you. Unlike the website currently, you will be able to scroll down and see past motivational videos, workout videos, and favorite thing videos, as well as any other posts or videos I do along the way. ALSO, using this website template, you will be able to access it from any device. I heard from many of you that you couldn’t access GetCFit.Com from your Iphone, Ipad, or really any mobile device for that manner. SO there are many changes to come but they are all POSITIVE changes that I think will benefit the C*Fit Club and other followers.

The website hit a plateau because of the inability to really do much with the set up of it and it had it’s limitations technically speaking. I started a website back in January as CaitlinCroteauFitness.Com (if you can remember) because I wanted to show people who I am, and well, it has turned into something that is way better. It has turned into GetCFit.Com. It turned into creating and co-producing and shooting a professional Workout Video (Visit!DVD to purchase it), and it has turned into a place that is so supportive and positive that it has the ability to help anyone change their life for the better.

You all keep me thinking and dreaming and wanting to do more. SO thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Stay tuned for more blog posts and more changes. What you are seeing now as a blog, will be turning into the official GetCFit.Com website. SO keep checking back and see the changes that happen along the way. I don’t want to keep it all a secret…I want you to see it all happen along the way.

Here is today’s Motivation Monday Post:

Motivation Monday: Getting Past your Plateaus

One thing you all have to know about me is that I am 100% goal-driven. I set goals for myself and that is the key to keeping me motivated and I just know that about myself now. Since finishing the C*Fit HIIT Workout DVD, I gave myself a little time to kick back and honestly, it hasn’t done anything good for me. I’m still working out as I always have, but my workouts aren’t as intense and my mind hasn’t been focused as it usually is. I’m still eating healthy, but there is just something “off” about it. SO needless to say, I think that I hit a plateau. SO this past weekend, I worked on the next C*Fit project (launching SOON), created another C*Fit project idea that will knock your socks off, went grocery shopping and filled my apartment with healthy food, and created a badass workout schedule and program that will bring me closer to my fitness goals.  THAT’S how you get over a plateau. You dream. You create new goals. You give yourself something to look forward to and you set a deadline to them. BOOM! On that note, it’s time for me to get my butt to the gym for a treadmill HIIT workout and some CORE!



It’s all about the journey.


Do Something Healthy for Yourself,

Caitlin *


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