The Happy Diet


Just kidding. I don’t believe in diets. BUT I believe in listening to your body and eating foods (real food) that makes it smile! Want clearer skin, stronger nails, that natural looking glow on your face, soft skin, a happy stomach, and perhaps a little hop in that step?

Then watch the video and start working on what that means for you!



Write the Book You Want to Read


Write the Book You Want to Read

I wish when I was in my teens/young twenties/right now that I had a book that would have helped me to be confident in myself, to make me realize my true beauty, and to help me understand that I can live a self-defined healthy happy life…all I had to do was believe that I could create it.

Since I have yet to read that book or find that book, I have decided I’m going to write it. I am going to create the book I wish I read before my eating disorder developed back in high school, or before I moved to NYC and didn’t know how to just be myself while the entire world around me sent me different messages (“Who are you without a Coach purse anyways? Where did you buy that? What kind of car do you drive? Make more money. Have a better body. You are not enough. Keep going.That kind of thing), and before I moved out on my own and went through some pretty challenging life transitions. I wish I had this message and this book.

I am half-way through the first run of the book’s in-person pilot workshop series. I am taking 15 woman through the workings of the 8-week guidebook that I am creating. So far, I am blown away with the responses and subtle changes people have made not only in their behaviors, but more importantly, in their minds…the way they perceive a healthy lifestyle. Which brings me to an announcement…


After the workshop series comes to an end, I will be working on turning it into a SELF-HELP GUIDEBOOK so that YOU can learn the material and start to live your self-defined healthy happy life.

The book will be set up much like my in-person workshop series…it’s a workbook. There will also be online videos that correspond with each section.

I will be using my experience in my in-person pilot program in order to really make this book something that can really help change the way we think of ourselves and others, our lives, bodies, dreams, happiness, and our goals.

I’m confident that when this book is ready to be put out into the world, it’s going to bring positivity to each person who reads it.

“Do Things that Make You Feel Good”
-Caitlin *

30 Days Coffee Free: The Update

Omg, is that a mocha?

Omg, is that a mocha?

Well, in just about 15 minutes, I will be celebrating 30 days coffee *free*. I have been keeping track of the days on my little white board everyday…religiously.

I remember when I started this journey a month ago, I couldn’t WAIT to be able to say, “I haven’t had a cup of coffee in 30 days!”. I had this idea that my life would be so different and that it would feel like this amazing accomplishment to me. Like I’d feel so different. Quite honestly, it’s really no big deal. I don’t feel any better, or different, or “cleansed”, or anything. I feel no different than I did 30 days ago.

Once I saw that tomorrow would mark 30 days coffee free, I stopped and thought to myself, “30 days. 1 month. …wait. What is so important about that number, that amount of time? What’s in a number?”

Well, absolutely nothing. Why do I care so much about that number? As I have coached people with weight loss and encouraging them to not be so connected and focused on the number on the scale, I am now identifying with that same behavior/thought process. Who cares if you lost 2 pounds or 20 pounds? The point is that you are doing things that make you feel good, that you are changing your lifestyle for the better, and that hopefully, you are proud of the life you’ve created for yourself. A number means nothing without it being attached to something else…like an experience, a thought, a feeling, an emotion, or an accomplishment.

SO back to Mr.Coffee. It doesn’t matter that I have gone 30 days without coffee. What matters is what I have learned and gained from this experience/journey:

1) I don’t need coffee in order to wake up, or work out, or stay up late, or teach my spin classes at night, or do everything at work that I need to get done, or to have energy that lasts throughout the day. I don’t NEED it! This experience made me realize how much I leaned on coffee to solve my lack of sleep problems, to make my workouts better, or to just give myself something to drink instead of water. I freed myself from that limiting thought that “without coffee, I am lacking something”.

2) Changing a behavior is actually easy when it is something you REALLY want to do. It’s actually been painless and super easy not drinking coffee because I truly just didn’t want to! No one told me to, I didn’t force myself to, and I didn’t psych myself up for the first day…I simply just stopped one day.

3) Behavior change is not a game. I’m going to out myself with this one. Counting the amount of days made it a game for me. How long was I going to count the days for? I can just see myself now, “Hey guys, I’m on day 395 coffee free” (Facebook Status with zero “likes”, probably people clicking “don’t show in newsfeed”, and a bunch of people who are sick of me talking about my lack of coffee). I told myself in the beginning of this journey that I would allow myself to have coffee when it would serve me. When I want it for the right reasons (for example: I just simply feel like having a cup) and not just because “I have a cup everyday just because that’s what I do” or “I need a cup or I won’t be able to stay up or get through this day”. The day I decide to have coffee, it won’t be me giving up or failing or losing this game. It’ll be me accepting the fact that there are times when it will serve me, and I’m A-Okay with that.

4) I can do anything I put my mind to. If I really want to do something, I can absolutely do it. This experience gave me confidence in my ability to make my life better in whatever way I see fit (get it, C*Fit?)!. It also gave me the confidence to “do whatever it is that makes me feel good” regardless if it going against the grain.

5) Coffee does has a place in my life. There will come a day when coffee will be present in my life and quite honestly, I’m okay with that. I’ve learned that I no longer have this mentality that “I need it” in any way. From now on, the term will be, “I would enjoy some coffee right now because it’s going to add something positive to my life”.

So tomorrow, regardless if I have coffee or not, I will be celebrating this experience/journey. Celebrating an increase in confidence, a perception change, and my continuation of “doing things that make me feel good”.

Rock on C*Fit World.

-Caitlin *

C*Fit Tip: Throw out the Diet Books

Yep, that’s right. Throw them out. Actually, recycle them…we could end up using it as toilet paper one day!

The Back Story

I’m teaching an 8-week course on how to create your own healthy lifestyle and live a life of freedom and happiness. Sounds intense, but it’s actually been a lot of fun! I have been fortunate enough to watch 15 women start to change from the inside out. I’ve seen a few “A-Ha” moments as Oprah would say. Let me share one from last night.

Last night after the workshop, one of the women told me that after our Nutrition Workshop, she decided to throw out all of her diet books. Well, recycled them. She said, “Caitlin, I want you to know that I threw out ALL of my diet books this weekend. I realized I had enough of this. I don’t need them. No more food rules. No more calorie counting. I’m done. AND, I’m not donating them because I don’t want them to be in the hands of anyone else. AND I actually ripped one to shreds because that was the worst one.”

I felt like a proud C*Fit mama. It’s amazing to have heard that come from her. A past chronic dieter and a Weight Watchers frequent said out loud that she threw out the books AND wants to stop counting points. AHHHH!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!  FOOD FREEDOM and the freedom to decide what it is that is right for you….that’s what it is all about.

I walked away from that night SO inspired, proud, and genuinely moved by what she told me.

While looking through Pinterest today, I decided to look up the word “diet” and see what pins popped up. I found this pin and it ignited a fire inside me.


These types of pins should be banned. Seriously. This way of thinking is outrageous and completely disrespectful to our bodies, minds, and SPIRITS. 

The message through this pin is, “Just say no to food”. How sad is it that we live in a world where we feel bad for the kids in 3rd world countries who are malnourished but we celebrate the thinness/malnourishment of women? Will power, control, or just plain neglect of your body…it doesn’t matter. It’s not setting a good example for the young women and men in this country. It’s really screwed up if you ask me.

I digress….

Throw out the diet books. Get real with yourself. Accept and embrace the word freedom. And when you see a pin like that on Pinterest, don’t re-pin that, don’t “like” it, and don’t buy into that crappy way of thinking. Instead comment on it and fight back. Change must begin within ourselves.

Do Things That Make YOU Feel Good.

-Caitlin *


Turn Your Wounds into Wisdom

This blog and what we call C*Fit in general has a very powerful yet simple message, which is, “Do Things that Make You Feel Good”. So as you read this post, realize that what I am saying, although is very personal to me, is also very connected to this message. It’s all connected. Like all of my blog posts, I hope to have you connect with yourself more, walk away from reading it ready to take on the world, feeling inspired, and hopefully, it lights a little fire inside you.

As most of you know, I am on a journey to creating and living a life of health and happiness, with the ultimate goal of inspiring others to do the same. The irony of this journey is that there are a lot of ebbs and flows, highs and lows, sadness, friction, and an immense amount of internal work involved in this quest. The thing about happiness is that it is not guaranteed. It is a conscious choice, not an automatic response. Therefore, it takes work every single day.

Over the past 6 months, I have been spending much more time alone–walking, meditating, writing, or just simply doing me. Some people in my life get a little concerned, like I’m becoming a loner or something. No worries guys, I’m not. This quest takes time and work that I am willing and ready to do. It’s my journey and I’m going to do it the way I want. Over the past 6 months, I have been taking hour long walks (almost daily) just wandering around the streets listening to music. Literally wandering around. Sometimes crying. Sometimes skipping and laughing to myself. Sometimes missing people. Sometimes dancing in the middle of the streets. And sometimes, these walks are filled with pure joy and the feeling of freedom. I choose to walk because my thoughts move through me while I am moving my body. That’s just how it is for me. My mind is stagnant when I am stagnant. So, I move. I think. I listen to my thoughts. I work through my feelings. I feel emotions. I grow. I return back to my apartment.

I do this as much as I feel I need. It has helped me to come to terms with a lot of things/events/conversations/relationships/friendships/experiences that have made a presence in my life. I do this instead of emotional eating, or restricting myself, or using exercise/my body as a punching bag, or taking it out on my loved ones, or drinking alcohol, or just trying to find someone or something to take up my time….to distract me. The previous Caitlin, 6 months ago, used to do ALL of these things. Every single one of them. I’ve come face to face with old behaviors of mine this week.


Recently, there have been a few experiences that have left a pretty yucky taste in my mouth. I am not here to air out my dirty laundry, so I am not going to specifically tell you what they are, however, I want you to know that my happy life still has unhappiness in it. But that’s the truth, that’s the truth about happiness, it’s not perfect.


This week especially, I had a few demons come back into my life. The devil on my shoulder said, “Go out, get wasted, and you’ll forget about these yucky events”, “Ice cream will make you happy-go eat some”, and “Bring this person back in your life because that will distract you”. The angel on my shoulder said, “Maybe you should just reach out to those people who have hurt you and try to make nice with them”, “Sometimes you can be a little emotional, maybe you over reacted a bit, say sorry and mend things”, and “Don’t cry or be upset, just be happy and don’t let anything affect you”. It’s been a while since the angel and devil have made their presence heard. Man, it was tough.

I’ve decided that I am done chasing after the wrong things. There is no room for negativity in my life anymore. I am committed to being free of the things and people that no longer serve me.


Finding your own voice within in the noise is SO important. Happiness is about shutting up the angel AND the devil; Those voices in your head that tell you how to feel and what to do…neither one is really in your best interest. One just tries to make everything perfect. The other wants you to act in self-sabotaging behaviors.

I told both to get lost last night.

I’m taking this Sunday to reconnect with my voice. I challenge you to do the same. Find your voice within all of the noise. Be honest with yourself. Get real. Live your truth. It doesn’t matter if anyone else on the Earth is agrees with you, or backs your decisions, or understands how you think or feel. No one needs to validate you, but YOU.


I am taking everything I’ve learned over the past few weeks and the past 6 months and I am going to continue to “turn my wounds into wisdom”.


Always, always, always, “Do Things that Make You Feel Good”.

Everything else will fall into place. Trust this.

-Caitlin *